1. Neon Rainbow Razorblade necklace, hand cast from resin. Looks delicious under a blacklight!
    You can pick this up in my etsy shop :)


  2. Kawaii batty hairclips! Hand cast from resin and attached to some really badass grippy clips .
    You can pick them  up in my etsy store!


  3. Apple Stars blind bag kandi necklace! So cute…

    You can pick her up in my etsy store :)


  4. Hand cast Fluttershy Cutie Mark heart necklace!

    You can pick this one up in my etsy store :)


  5. Hand cast Sailor Pluto charm necklace!
    You can pick her up in my Etsy shop :)


  6. Smoky Rainbow Weed Love!  Hand cast resin necklace, made with love and neon glitter.

    You can pick this baby up in my etsy store!


  7. Epic zombie cutie resin necklace! The heart is 3 inches across, and both the heart and text have been hand cast in resin. The letters also glow in the dark!

    You can pick this beauty up in my Etsy shop!


  8. Epic rainbow weed kandi! The charm is hand cast in resin with UV reactive glitter. The heart is 3 inches across at the widest point,

    You can pick this beautiful thing up in my etsy shop!


  9. Dragon Ball Z herb grinder, customized with hand cast resin.

    Pick it up in my etsy store!


  10. Kandi Masks! The rainbow biohazard one was sold, but the pastel pill capsule mask is still available on in my Etsy store.


  11. Oh my god this piece has been floating around for nearly a year! I’ve started and stopped so many times but she is finally done and I’m very happy with the outcome. Sometimes it’s nice to just go all out on a piece for yourself. This is my succubus/demon/ Monster girl avatar Squeekie surrounded by things I love- Crystals, ufos, space, bright colors, and glitter!

    Completely painted in Sai with my tablet, with a tiny bit of editing in photoshop at the end.


  12. So I found these dradles the other day and thought it would be amusing to make epic jew kandi. Larry and Jerry forever!
    I have two more dradles…. Name me some awesome jewish guys!


  13. Customized resin herb grinder for Brad! one of a kind original art of his character is sealed inside under resin forever, surrounded by UV glitter.


  14. Epic triple strand kandi twerk necklace for my Shelly! <3 The lettering was hand cast from resin and accented with puffy paint and coated again with resin. All very blacklight reactive.


  15. Hand cast rainbow neon mushroom in resin The letter beads glow in the dark!

    This tasty treat is still available on my Etsy store. :)